Phone & Internet

Mobile Phones

Once you are in possession of your Residence Card and your bank card you can buy a mobile phone / cellphone. The most common provider for JETs in Ishikawa is Softbank, although some JETs use AU or Docomo. The quality of coverage may vary depending on your location, so talk to other JETs in your area before making a choice.
If you choose to go with the Softbank White Plan, phone calls and text messages (SMS) are free to other Softbank users 01:00 – 21:00.

Prepaid phones are not common in Japan and it may be difficult to get one in Ishikawa.


For most people, getting a phone is one of the worst first experiences they make. for some it can be a relatively painless process, but for others it can be a very frustrating day. Be prepared to wait A LONG TIME. But hang in there, you’ll get that phone in the end.


This website provides useful information on how to get an NTT landline telephone connected:



This BBapply site provides an excellent guide that will talk you through all the steps required to get fixed-line internet in your apartment:

Asahi Net is a major award-winning Internet provider in Japan that provides English signup and English customer service for their broadband mobile (pocket wifi and SIM card) as well as fiber-optic lines throughout Japan:

You can also apply for internet with most of the major phone companies. In some case they will offer discounts if you purchase your mobile phone plan through the same company.

For every JET leaving their apt they will have to cancel their account with their internet provider. The handiest thing to do is to ask your predeccessor what they thought of their internet. It would be relatively simple then to re-start a contact with that supplier to your apt.



Most people pay a standard fee each month for internet which ranges between 5-7,000yen

Some people can also lump their phone and internet bills together if they choose the same company.